Monday, March 22, 2010

DCUP Interview

Australia's DCUP is on top of his game right now. From remixes to originals this guy will get your ass on the dance floor! I got a chance to interview the nu-boogie master about his new lifestyle and love for funk. Here's what he had to say...

Westorious: You've really taken off as a producer and DJ in the past year- signing with Sweat it Out, top of the nu-disco charts on Beatport and even making the newspaper in Singapore . How does it feel?

DCUP: It's quite affirming to have people get into the music you love making. I'd planned for a music career a few years ago, so I feel relief more than anything! It's a strange way of life, that of the Dj/producer, but for me its perfect.

Westorious: What got you into Funk music?

DCUP: I've been asked this before. I pin point it down to "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck. It's not funk, but it was my first taste of jazz, thanks to my Aunt and it challenged my ideas of rhythm and harmony which, untill then, had been taken from my parents love of folk music.
I proceeded to fall in love with Miles Davis, then nu-soul like d'Angelo and Jill Scott, then electronica like jazzanova and bugz in the attic. Now for me its disco and 80s funk.

Westorious: What got you into Producing? Did you come from a musical background?

DCUP: The desire to mess round with things. I made a few beats with fruity loops and was won. I'd always been a garage musician but found the classroom and school band painful. Nonetheless, my music teachers always had faith in me, so now I'm calling it!

Westorious: Could you briefly describe your music making process?

DCUP: Find the hook, make It good. Don't do anything until that hook is there. Then lay the bitch out and make it fat and pretty.

Westorious: You recently worked with Yolanda Be Cool on your latest track "We No Speak Americano". Which has received a lot of good attention! How do you like collaborating on music?

DCUP: I'm not a great collaborater, actually. YBC were good in that they started the track and then let me take it over the finish line. Too many cooks spoil the broth! I love working with singers or players, but it takes a special synergy for two producers to work side by side.

Westorious: What do you enjoy more, DJ'ing or Producing?

DCUP: Producing. For sure. But there's a huge thrill in having a fanbase for your productions and then showing them how you like to party.

Westorious:What are you doing when your not making music and DJ'ing?

DCUP: Just with friends, cooking, eating, drinking and being merry. Hell that's what your meant to do, right?

Westorious: Currently listening to?

DCUP: New Jack Swing.! Lisa Lisa !! Jam by MJ, get into it.

Big thanks to DCUP for the interview. Such a cool dude! Go pick up his music at Beatport. Your life will be much better :)

"Denzal Park- Filter Freak (DCUP Remix)"


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