Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here is some more sweet disco from Delegation. I don't know why they weren't as big as they should have been. Their production is solid and their hooks are really catchy. Their catalog is also a sample haven for disco house producers. Here are some hits from the supergroup...

"Delegation- Heartache #9"


"Delegation- Where is the love"


"Delegation- You and I"


^^I have a feeling Chromeo was inspired by "You and I" for their track Fancy Footwork. What do you think?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh Yeah!

Let me introduce to you, OhYeah. He's a disco-house producer that has a talent for finding rare gems and flipping them into party bangers. He caught my attention when I heard his track "Starcloud" where he flipped a certain rare disco track I knew of. Now he's just released a new jam called "Super Nintendo Chalmers". This electronic disco monster is sure to please and when you hear the original Sharon Redd track you would not believe the chops that went into "Super Nintendo Chalmers". Go show OhYeah some love on his myspace and look out for this talent in the days to come. Enjoy!

"OhYea-Super Nintendo Chalmers"


I happen to have sampled the same track and flipped it in a whole other way.

"Wine & Cheese- Handle It"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here's some really good funky disco by the group Fantasy. Their self-titled 1981 album has some great jams and I would like to share them with you :)

"Fantasy- You're too Late"


"Fantasy- You Can't Loose What You Never Had"



Believe it or not, in 1985 Mcdonalds made a boogie funk record! It's a compilation of very rare artists and one that stood out to me is Anthony Lockett and his track "Decision." Anthony, is a singer/guitarist who's worked with the incredible group, Cameo. "Decision" is a real catchy boogie funk tune. Thanks McDonald's for this one! Enjoy...

"Anthony Lockett- Decision"


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Groove for You

I got some rare synth funk for ya! The year: 1983 (Arguably the BEST year in synth funk!) The Group- The Mobley Gang (Have you EVER heard of these guys!?) The track- "Groove for You" (A super sweet synth funk jam!!!) Look out for the intense synth solo!

"The Mobley Gang- Groove for You"


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stand Up!

Been a loooong time since I've posted. But I'm back with some sweet disco!!!
The track is "Stand Up (Reach The Sky)" by Delegation. I discovered this song when I was checking out some disco-house tracks at Juno. A producer by the name of Discotron sampled Delegation and turned it into a house BANGER! Definitely pick it up at Juno and in the meantime enjoy the original jam. The chorus is EPIC! Thanks to Boogie Business for the track.

"Delegation- Stand Up (Reach for the Sky) Boogie Business Edit"


"Delegation- Where is the Love" Video

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jazz Hop

I'm really into jazzy-hip hop instrumentals right now. I discovered this dude Jazziel Funkard who makes these huge compilation albums of rare jazzy breakbeat jams. This guy has opened up my mind to some seriously good music. Jazz-Hop is the perfect soundtrack for chillin at your place on a sunday or conquering busy cities on foot armed with your ipod. Heres a few tracks...

"Asayake Productions- Si-Rutu D Screw"


"Till Broenner and Samon Kawamura- Diavolo"


"Lobe- It's time to..."


"DJ Cam- Saint German" (Me or the Papes)