Monday, February 22, 2010

Reach Out

Man, 1983 was such a good year for funk! Here's a sweet soulful track by George Duke. I found a great edit of the song from GMGN called "On My Mind". They pump up the track disco-house style for the clubs but nothing beats the original! Enjoy...

"George Duke- Reach Out"


"GMGN- On My Mind"



  1. Thanks for posting 'On My Mind'. Last time we played it out in a packed house, we had kids singing the chorus, and they sure as hell never heard it before, and certainly not George Duke either!

    Also, to the right of this post, is the most hilarious clip I've seen in a while. The one with the grandma getting kicked in. WHAT IS THIS FROM?

  2. The funny thing is I hadn't heard "Reach Out" till' AFTER your track! I loved the sample so much I searched it out and found ol' George Duke. So I gotta thank you for that!! Keep makin those disco house bangers, cause I love them!

    That gif animation is from the movie Black Dynamite. HAHA that shit is too funny man glad you dig it.